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6 Plugins your WordPress Website should have
6 Plugins your WordPress website should have
6 Plugins your WordPress Website should have
Moulay Abdellah is a web developer

6 Plugins your WordPress Website should have

Plugins are great extensions you can add to your WordPress website to add functionality. WordPress hosts a lot of free plugins you can easily install into your WordPress website. But Warning: you should be selective about which plugins you want to add to your website.

In this article, I will show you 6 plugins your website should have. These plugins I am going to list, I used them on all my websites. I have also used them on this website as well

Before I go ahead and list the plugins I use, I should tell you why you should be careful when adding plugins to your WordPress website.

Why you should be careful:

  • The first thing you should know about plugins is that they are a set of files and code. Installing any plugin without studying it well, you end up adding junk to your database.
  • So many plugins in the WordPress repertoire are well analyzed by the WordPress fellows, but some of them are not compatible with the latest version of WordPress you have.
  • Installing any plugin without good study, may end up having functionalities that your website does not need and in my opinion, it is a waste of time and energy and then you will have to do cleanup work. This will cost you a delay in website launch.
  • Most importantly, if you install a plugin that is not compatible with your WordPress website, you risk vulnerability exposure.

What you should know before installing plugins:

  • You should install plugins that have lots of installs and good reviews. I install plugins that have more than 100 000 installs. Many installs are an indication that people trust it and have good functionalities that might fit what you are looking for.
  • You should install plugins that have regular updates. If you encounter a plugin that is good but hasn’t been updated for a year or two, you should stay away from it.
  • You should install plugins that are compatible with your current WordPress Installation. (You should always have the latest version of WordPress anyway. Otherwise, you risk being hacked someday.)

Now that you have learned a bit about plugins and learned how you go about installing them. Let me show you the 6 plugins your WordPress website should have.

6 Plugins your WordPress website should have

#1 – WordFence

6 plugins your wordpress website should have

As I always say to my team when we create websites for our customers. Security First Fellows! They usually laugh because I keep saying the same expression every time we start building a website for a customer.

WordFence is a great Firewall WordPress plugin. This plugin can be used as a FREE and PREMIUM. The free version has many functionalities that can keep your website secure round the clock.

Wordfence is both WordPress Firewall and Security scanner:

  • It protects your website against leaked passwords. You can block users who sneak around your admin login area
  • Block countries manually
  • Monitor live traffic and hack attempts by viewing IP addresses
  • Has a two-factor authentication to stop brute force attacks
  • Their team provides you with site cleaning if you get hacked

Please install Wordfence today, I recommend it one of the 6 plugins a WordPress website should have.

#2 Rankmath

6 plugins your wordpress website should have

Rankmath? What is that? I know what you are thinking. You expected me to talk about the Yoast Plugin. Yoast is great but it is EXPENSIVE and its free version does not give much either.

Rankmath on the contrary, 100% free and designed to rank your website n search engines quickly. It has all the premium features that Yoast SEO has AND FOR FREE. To be honest, I switched to rank math because I can do this:

  • Advanced SEO Optimization
  • I can add keywords
  • Has Rich snippets
  • Can add XML Sitemaps
  • Provides AMP SEO which is good for mobile view
  • I can add breadcrumb navigation to my site if I don’t have one
  • You set up all types of redirections
  • If you want to have a Woo Commerce website Rankmath provides Woo Commerce SEO
  • FREE OpenGraph Markup
  • I can use the feature I want and disable what I do not need

Rankmath can rank you in search engines just like any premium plugin out there. And the most important thing, it can import all the settings from Yoast.

Rankmath has very good documentation where you can learn step by step how to use. However, it has a user-friendly interface so it is self-explanatory. Go for it and enjoy the free premium features of SEO. Something else before I forget, you can analyze your website with the plugin to see how good you have done.

#3 Bloom Opt-in Plugin

6 plugins your wordpress website should have

Every serious website or blog needs opt-in software. Bloom will help you collect emails for later email marketing needs. It is a great solution for dedicated bloggers and business websites.

Of your course have opted-in for some beautiful pop-up form someday while surfing a website of your interest. Bloom creates so many types of forms like that.

Bloom plugin provides these opt-in features:

  • Widget Area Opt-In Forms
  • Below Content Opt-in Forms
  • In-line Opt-In Forms
  • Automatic Opt-In Fly-ins
  • Automatic Opt-In Pop-up and more…
  • Integrations with 19 Email Marketing Integrations

With its beautiful ready-made forms, Bloom will help you:

  • Convert website visitors
  • Grow your email list
  • Save you tons of design hours because it comes with beautiful form design out of the box.

#4 Divi – The Ultimate WordPress Page Builder.Highly Recommended

You should download and install this page builder plugin. It is one of the 6 plugins your WordPress website should have.

Having this plugin on your WordPress website as if you have a team of designers in one box. Imagine, it is so interactive and magic.

Without any skills, you can build beautiful pages like a pro. Divi Page Builder works with any theme.

Here are some features of Divi Page Builder Plugin:

  • You can drag & drop, add, delete and move elements as you wish to. There is no limit is what you can do with this magic plugin
  • You can design your website page in real-time. They call it front-end editor. You can change titles, colors, and their sizes while you see changes live
  • You can ass custom CSS to any element in the entire website right from the Divi page builder plugin
  • All the designs you implement are instant and responsive. But you can also switch to mobile view and the whole page will also shrink magically to see changes instantly. Amazing! Isn’t it?
  • You can save your designs, export and import them for later use on any other website.
  • You can simply redo or undo things or even get back to default if you don’t like the whole thing

I use DIVI Products on all my websites and my customer’s websites. This your chance to do it too.

#4 Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

6 plugins your WordPress website should have

Your website should have a social sharing plugin. It is not only useful for getting free genuine traffic to your blog, but it will also benefit your SEO.

There is no better Social Sharing Plugin in my opinion than Monarch. I used so many and Monarch has the best interface. Clear steps and easy to use.

You can choose from various designs and social media platforms. You can enable sharing counts and integrate your social icons anywhere on your site.

To get this wonderful social Sharing plugin to click this button:

Try Monarch Today

#5 WP Mail SMTP

6 plugins your wordpress website should have

Sending emails today is important and of course, your website will send emails to customers or subscribers. So SMTP is a must-have feature on your WordPress website. WordPress Hosting companies still not having these functions set up properly, emails won’t be sent correctly to the receivers

If you use WP MAIL SMTP, your WordPress website will send emails properly using an SMTP mail server.

Download it today and let their team set it up for you FOR FREE

#6 UpdraftPlus Backup, Restore and Clone plugin

6 plugins your wordpress website should have

Updraftplus is a backup plugin that your website should have. It will help you sleep in peace why your website is online.

It is a must-have plugin. You should have this amazing extension installed on your WordPress website.

You will never regret doing this. On the contrary, if you don’t include this with the above plugins, you will someday regret it because when you lose all your website files for any reason and if you don’t have a backup. What then? HEADACHE! Starting from scratch. You don’t want to do this.

Backing up your website regularly with Updraft plus saves you money and stress. If you lose your files or if you get hacked, you always have a clean backup sent to your email or any backup integration you choose. You can then simply upload the clean files in one click and you are online again.

This is not everything. UpdraftPlus can clone an existing website and restore it in another domain in just a few clicks.

Updraft can be installed for free. The Premium version is recommended though:

  • With the premium version, you can send daily backups to multiple backup integrations like DropBox.
  • Automate backups according to your need

Download UpdraftPlus Now


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