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What is Divi? And Why You Should get one?
Divi WordPress Theme
What is Divi? And Why You Should get one?
Moulay Abdellah is a Web Developer & content writer


Divi WordPress theme is the best decision you can make if you want to build your WordPress website or blog. Divi creators have devoted so much time and effort in creating one of the new revolutionary WordPress themes ever.

I have been using WordPress for years and installed so many different WordPress themes and tested their options and how they can make my work easier. But to be honest, even those themes were great, The Divi WordPress theme has amazed me with the visuality it provides.

I have found out that I can build amazing pages while seeing the design results visually. That´s what Divi is.

DIVI WordPress Theme

divi WordPress theme

Let me tell you about this great WordPress Theme a bit! You have noticed that I want to talk more about this theme but briefly, allow me to shed lights on its features and why I think everyone should grab a license:

  • With Divi Theme you can build your website visually: This is for me not only a normal WordPress theme, but it is also like a team of designers walking you through to building your website on your own.
  • It replaces the standard WordPress editor with a smart visual editor with powerful instant effects and design trends.
  • Divi saves you tons of time because you do not have to code anything or write a single code line. You can design your pages with easy controls that you can see immediately on the front end of your website.
  • You can add custom CSS to every element you want right on the visual editor without having to go to your CSS style sheet.
  • Drag & drop elements and use dividers easily.
  • Edit your responsive website instantly with the Divi Builder. You can easily switch from Desktop to Mobile Device view and edit the look and design as you wish. The changes and edits will be implemented instantly.

Who can use the Divi WordPress theme?

divi WordPress theme

Divi is a WordPress theme that can be used by anyone. A freelancer, an Agency or a Blogger. If you have a Divi License, you get huge benefits:

  • Unlimited Website Usage for your website and your customers’ websites if you are an Agency or a Freelancer.
  • More than 1200 Divi pre-made website layouts, you can use immediately. You just have to do some edits to the content.
  • Divi is used by so many people in the world. It is the ultimate Theme for a professionally looking website.
  • They have regular lifetime updates.
  • They have great support around the clock. If you have issues with your Divi Theme, you can activate the remote access for their developer to access your website safely and fix any issue your website has.

How much does the DIVI WordPress Theme cost?

divi WordPress theme

A very good question. It was the first question that came to my mind when I first heard of these features. Well, it does cost some money but not expensive for the powerful Features and possibilities you have.

If you want to build a website through an agency, it will cost you a fortune. With Divi, you get an Agency for life and your future websites as well. The cost is worth it.

Divi has two pricing plans: A yearly membership and a Lifetime Membership. Check the details below.

1 Year Membership:

For yearly access to Divi and other plugins, you pay 89$. You have one license with unlimited websites and unlimited users.

  • You can install the Divi theme on unlimited websites.
  • You have to pay every year to use the theme and get regular updates.

Lifetime Membership:

Lifetime membership is, in my opinion, the best choice because you pay a one-time fee and then you are free to use the Divi services forever. The cost of lifetime access is 249%. Please ask the support team to give you a 10% discount before you order. I did the same. It is the same coupon I used when I bought my license – Lifetime License.

  • Lifetime unlimited website usage
  • Lifetime support
  • Lifetime theme updates

What is the Divi WordPress Theme Design Toolkit?

divi WordPress theme

  1. The Divi theme builder will help you build every part of your website. It works with all other themes as well. Your Divi WordPress theme comes with the Divi builder built-in.
  2. Enjoy the Divi WooCommerce Modules if you are building an online shop.
  3. Choose from hundreds of premade premium websites. Very nice and modern designs you can start with your website.
  4. You get access to Free Online Marketing tools. Very lightweight Lead generation plugin and Social media sharing plugin
  5. You also have access to thousands of open-source photos and illustrations that you can use on your website freely.


Enjoy Divi Free Plugins

Extra Magazine theme

divi WordPress theme

This a very well-designed magazine theme for your blog. It has so powerful options and features just like the Divi Theme and you get it for free. You can use it for your next blog project.

Get Extra Magazine Theme


divi WordPress theme

If you want to be successful online using online marketing, you will have to get leads and build a good email list. This is done by Bloom. A very useful opt-in plugin with so many pop-ups, fly-ins and in-line forms designed to convert. You get this plugin For FREE as a Divi License Member.

Download Bloom Now


divi WordPress theme

Every website needs a promotional tool to share its content on social media. This is done beautifully by Monarch. Let your readers share your content with Monarch. It comes packaged for free with your Divi License.

The developers behind Divi have done a great job when they created this wonderful WordPress theme. They have made it easy for non-techies to create stunning websites using the Divi Builder and its powerful controls.

We use Extra for our Blog. If you find it interesting, please leave us a comment about what you think. If you want to have the Extra theme on your blog without having to pay a Divi License, please contact us and we will build your Blog and install it for you and provide you with Lifetime updates.

Download Monarch Now

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Divi WordPress Theme


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