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Why rank math seo plugin is a good choice
Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank math seo plugin is a direct competitor to the famous Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress websites. We diffinetly know that Yoast plugin is a good SEO tool and it has proven to be so for so many years. Still, I think Rank Math SEO pack comes with a new revolutionary concept that it should be considered.

Rank Math SEO Plugin:

In this post, I am going to shed lights on the Rank Math SEO plugin and give you my honest opinion why it should be conidered over Yoast and other SEO Plugins out there.

Rank Math SEO Plugin is 100% Free:

Believe it or not, Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin is a 100% free plugin to use for your WordPress Website. While Yoast SEO, Premium SEO Pack and other good SEO plugin that cost over 70$ to have have all the core features unlocked, Rank Math require only your Email registration for full activatin of all the premium SEO features that any WordPRess website needs.

Rank Math is reliable:

I was skepticle in the beginnen because it is fast hard to be true that a plugin promises Premium performance and provides tons of premium features for 0$. I installed it in one of my websites to try it out and it blew my mind:

  • The interface is really user-friendly. It is easy to operate and walks you through the steps interactively.
  • It provides guidance over all aspects of search engine optimization
  • You can see results in search engines in a mather of weeks.

Rank Math Modules:

Rank Math seo plugin provides almost all the modules & features that all premium SEO plugins have. It is packed with a lot of cool features:

a – 404 Monitor & ACF:

rank math seo plugin
  • The 404 Monitoring module monitors your website URLs that run into a 404 error page, counts them and provides you with a redirect option to another page or automatically back to your home page.
  • The ACF Helps Rank math to analyze the content of your own website in the custom fields.

b – AMP & bbPRess:

rank math seo plugin
  • You can activate the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) because the Rank Math SEO plugin does not work with AMP because they are different than WordPress pages. So we recommend you activate this feature because it helps in SEO as well
  • If you use bbPress, activate this module to add meta tags to your Forum posts

c – BuddyPRess & Link Counter:

rank math seo plugin
  • If you use BuddyPress Rank Math SEO plugin makes it SEO friendly by adding proper meta tags to all the pages of the forum. I think this is a great feature for Forums
  • Link counter is a cool module where Rank Math counts all the external and internal links that link to your website or within your website. So you can have an overview on the linking structure you use.

d – Local SEO & Redirections:

rank math seo plugin
  • Local SEO is a cool module since you can optimize your content for your local customers.
  • REdiretions let you redirect pages easily using 301 and 302 code. Or you can rediret any deleted page or post to another one manually.

e – Schema & Role Manager:

rank math seo plugin
  • Schema is a great module that any SEO plugin should have and rank math SEO plugin provides it for free. Schema adds rich data to your website and this helps a lot in increasing traffic to your website.
  • Role Manager is a bonus module that lets you control which WordPress users can have access to or permissions to change Rank Math settings.

f – Search Console & SEO Analysis:

rank math seo plugin
  • Connecting Your Google Analytics with Rank Math will let see diret analysis of your website performance in the dashboard
  • SEO Analysis is a great free tool that I like about Rank math,which lets you analyze your website for errors and performance. I tested it. You will never pay for audit anaymore.

g – Site Map & WooCommerce:

rank math seo plugin
  • Rank Math plugin generates all types of sitemaps for you.
  • If you run a WooCommerce website, Rank math gets you covered because with this module you can add meta tags to all your shop products.

Why you should consider using Rank Math:

rank math seo plugin

The first reason why you should consider trying rank math is the quality of the modules and features it provides. It compes with tons of features that are premium:

  • Rank Math has all the modules you need to rank your posts and pages with
  • IT is 100% Free. I am not sure whether it is going to remain free forever, but at least this the chance to get a copy and if it is not free anymore, you have at least a premium copy. you jsut need to register an account in Rank Math SEO plugin Website and you are opy is activated.
  • The team behind this plugin is serious and they want to help bloggers and content writers with limited budgets.
  • Regular Plugin Updates
  • Comprehensive knowledgebase.

Download Rank Math

rank math seo plugin

To download Rank Math SEO plugin, Go to your WordPress dashboard, Click on Plugins then on Add New, type rank math in the search bar then download it and try it out.

After you download it and activate it , it will ask you to register an account to be able to activate your copy, When you register an account, a setting Wizard will pop up and folow the instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why SEO is very important?

SEO is the first thing you should forcus when you first launch your website. It is very important to rank for the key words that you target. Without SEO your website will not be found so quickly in the search results.

Is SEO hard to learn?

SEO is actually not so hard to learn if you learn the basics the right way. When you manage to optimize your first website, you will add upon whtat you have learned before and you will rank first in Google and other search engines like Yandex, Bing adn others

What is the difference between on-page SEO & off-page SEO?

On-page SEO is when you optimize your website inside the pages. Off-page SEO is when you optimizse your website through external resources and tools.

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